The Rift

Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y... Which category fits you?

I am a member of Gen Y also known as the "Millennials" or "twenty-somethings," and I'm damn proud of it. I'm sick of hearing the boomer generation complain about how we're so hard to work with. If memory serves me right, they weren't exactly easy to get along with. Remember the 60's? The baby boomers caused so much rucus that it spawned a revolution.

Granted, not everyone in Gen Y is as much fun as a "Pic-a-nic basket." Some of us do need too much coaching, are completely self-absorbed and unable to do anything without our parents. However, the vast majority in my generation are very motivated. Our notion that the sky is the limit is extremely helpful. We are "Yes" people.

We are driven and extremely efficient. We can whip up that report in half the time while IMing and listening to our ipods. Because we are tech savvy we are able to be more environmentally-friendly. When is the last time a twenty-something asked you to "Print it out and put it on my desk?"

That's crazy talk to us. Why do you need to print when you can use track changes, keep track of things in an excel sheet, or simply save it electronically? These are things that frustrate my generation.

We work hard and want to be rewarded.

I've found that many businesses are too slow moving for Gen Y. If we've been at a job for six months and done outstanding work we feel we should be rewarded. How about a raise or promotion? Hell, I'd take some extra vacation days! Instead we are told to wait a year or two before we have a chance to move up.

A Happy Workplace

Many employers are initiating wellness programs and making their work environments more friendly to maintain and attract quality staff (read Gen Y). This shift can only help businesses. I understand there may be some sticker shock when CEO's are told how much it will cost to update the office, but I guarantee they will be rewarded.

Employees who feel comfortable, well taken care of and appreciated will be more productive and eager to work. They might even come up with an idea or two.

The Bottom Line

Please stop bashing Generation Y. We're really not that bad. We put up with your eccentricities. Please put with ours.

The Olympics

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about the Olympics being held in China and subsequently Tibet. Tibetan protestors have gone so far as to disturb the passing of the torch, and several world leaders are refusing to attend the games (so far President Bush will be attending).

This week we learn that China has agreed to speak with the Dalai Lama's envoy. This is a great step towards Chinese peace with Tibet, but I'm afraid that China is reaching out only in a public relations capacity.

As someone who works in the world of public relations this is a very good move by China. However, if China does not honestly make an effort to move forward with Tibet the world will see through them. The Olympic games will become a platform for discussing the Tibetan conflict and China's world image will not be helped.

Great Lakes Wind Power

In the search to become more environmentally friendly Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle along with many others are discussing the option of Wind Power in the Great Lakes.

I think this is a great idea. The UK and Denmark are already taking advantage of this new technology. There are some valid issues being raised such as the effect on migratory birds.

However, another concern is how this renewable resource might block the lake views of the wealthy who contribute much needed campaign dollars. This should be the least of our concern. While I understand that windmills may not be pretty, they would serve as a wonderful renewable resource for the state of Wisconsin and potentially other states. If a few people have an impaired view of the lake so thousands more can enjoy clean energy... Well, that's a price I'm willing to pay.

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Welcome to my first posting. My original intention for this blog is to give my opinions on politics, entertainment and media from the perspective of a 23-year-old female from Wisconsin.

Please leave comments and e-mail me if you have any ideas/suggestions as this is my first real endeavor into blogging.

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