HARO: A PR and Media Godsend

Those who work in public relations are constantly trying to form relationships and better relationships with journalists. As anyone who has worked in PR can tell you, there's nothing worse than cold calling a reporter.

That's why editorial calendars and services like Profnet are so valuable. I want to announce a NEW service that works like Profnet for FREE! HARO is run by Peter Shankman and has a membership of over 20,000 PR professionals and a growing number of journalists.

I have been part of the HARO "family" for a little over a month and can't say enough good things. Because the service is free more freelance journalists and boutique agencies are able to join. I am a Profnet member too and can safely say I get twice as many leads from HARO.

Peter has a policy about PR pitches that Profnet does not. If you provide a bad pitch to a source you are kicked off the list. This keeps HARO a credible source for media and a place they'll continue to go to for information.

The media on HARO include national morning shows, major newspapers as well as smaller media outlets.

If you are in the PR or media field I highly recommend signing up at helpareporter.com. You can also follow Peter on twitter @skydiver.

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