Brilliant VW Campaign

I've just witnessed a new campaign from VW and it's brilliant.

Within 10 minutes of receiving an e-mail from a friend 10 20-somethings had logged onto the VW web site and started learning more about the new Routan. The Routan is the latest minivan from Volkswagon. This incredibly intelligent campaign is aimed at young and soon-to-be parents.

When you look onto the VW Routan site you are greeted by a video starring Brook Shields. Shields explains that "10 thousand babies are born in the U.S. each day for German Engineering." Because you can't buy a mini-van unless you have kids, right?

When the video ends (I actually made it through the whole video) there is a link to the RoutanBabymaker 3000. This fun online widget allows users to make a baby without actually making a baby. By simply uploading your picture and your boyfriend, girlfriend's, husband or wife's picture the RoutanBabymaker 3000 will show you what your baby could look like. It's an ingenious campaign that easily allows the user to share their results with others.

This viral campaign perfectly targets Gen X and Y who do the majority of online comparison car shopping and are the most likely to share online content with friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Go make your own Routan Baby.


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