The Perfect One

This weekend I helped do my part to jump start the American economy by visiting the mall. While making a purchase at Victoria's Secret I noticed the extremely personable woman behind the counter dropping a business shaped card into my bag. I assumed it was some kind of coupon and remembered to look for it once I was home.

To my surprise it was more then just a coupon. The text on one side of the card read:


Below it provided the text number and code to receive more information on their newest bra and a special offer. I was hooked.
Once I sent my message I received a response saying I had been added to the Victoria's Secret mobile list that would provide me with exclusive offers, event coverage and new product information. It also gave me a way to opt-out.

I like this tactic for three reasons.
  1. It's a great way to grow your mobile list. As a Victoria's Secret credit card holder they could have easily added me to their mobile list without my knowledge. Instead, they gave me a chance to opt-in before bombarding me with messages.
  2. They gave me a quick and easy way to opt-out at the beginning. I don't have to call Victoria's Secret, visit a store or even check out their web site to opt-out. They included the option in their very first message to me. This tells me that they value my time and business.
  3. They gave me a good reason to stay. Not only do I want to remain on their mobile list to get the first special offer, but they also made it clear that my loyalty would be rewarded with more offers and information that I will get before the general consumer.

Assuming this mobile list does not turn into weekly or monthly spam I will be happy to stay on it and sing their praises. This has me wondering. How many other companies are jumping on the text message bandwagon? Do you know of any? It's a smart move considering there are more text messages sent and received every day than the total population of the planet.*

And in case you're wondering what the "Perfect One" looks like. I found it (a bit early) on the Victoria's Secret web site. Enjoy.

*Taken from Richard Sander's presentation at the Sony BMG annual Global Marketing Meeting


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