Today I ran across an article in PRWeek announcing TEKgroup International's sixth Newsroom Survey. The survey revealed that 70 percent of journalists "want online newsrooms to provide links to every social media platform that corporations participate in." This is in contrast to the less than 15 percent of respondents who use social media sites for company news. To download a full version of the report visit

Now think about the clients you represent or the new web site you're building. What does your online newsroom look like? Are you incorporating social media into your overall strategy?

It's becoming clear that more and more people are turning to social media as their primary source for news. I receive a large portion of my news through RSS feeds and Twitter.

Right now I think media are largely using social networking sites for finding sources rather than gathering news. After all, not every company has a Facebook or Myspace. I predict as more and more companies join social web sites journalists will expect to find company information there. Promoting your clients social media efforts via their online newsroom will help journalists keep track of them on their own favorite social network and will in turn bring you consumers there as well.


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