Epiphany Moment

This post has been a bit delayed, but I wanted to tell you about a project I’m involved in that launched just last week. It all started when I saw a tweet about six months ago from one of my favorite Gen-Y bloggers, Matt Cheuvront (@mattchevy) asking for a few volunteers. A week later I was recording a video of myself describing my own “epiphany moment.”

For those who don’t know Matt, he is a highly motivated, Chicago-based, Gen-Y blogger and Web designer among other things. I encourage you to check him out at his blog, lifewithoutpants.com or his personal Web site, mattchevy.com.

With a little help from his friends, Matt has put together well over 20 videos of people describing their epiphany moments. The videos are meant to inspire and encourage you to upload your own epiphany moment.

A teaser trailer of the project is posted below. I hope you’ll check it out. What is my epiphany moment? Well, I guess there is only one way to find out…


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