Four Success Stories

In this economy it’s hard to find reasons for hope, or a reason to believe in success. However, there are four women who’ve shown me it’s out there if you’re willing to take the necessary risks.

I present you with four success stories. These women have all shown a great deal of courage and determination in my eyes. They have also all found happiness as a result. I hope you find some nugget of inspiration in their stories. I know I do.

Shauna Skalitzky – 24, New York City
I have been friends with Shauna since I first stepped into my college dorm room freshman year. Little did I know this shy girl had a "thing" for travel. Junior year of college Shauna took out a loan and flew to the UK to study in London for a semester. After graduation she moved to New York City to live with a girl she didn’t know, and began work on her masters in art history. I frequently ask Shauna if she is glad she moved to an uber competitive city where she doesn’t know a soul. Her answer is always a simple, “Yes”.

Kristine Schumann – 24, Chicago
I met Kristine in PRSSA my sophomore year of college, and instantly fell in love with her kind spirit. Although she could have easily snagged a job in Milwaukee, this determined PR professional moved to Chicago after graduation. At the time, all she had to look forward to was a small studio apartment and an internship to keep her afloat. Two years later Kristine is working for Garmin and just returned from a 10 day trip to Italy. She frequently tells me the beginning struggles were well worth the pay off.

Erica Zerbe – 24, Denver
Erica is my fitness rock star. While she has always enjoyed physical activity the last few years she has kicked it up a notch. Erica has completed numerous marathons and half marathons all over the country. After graduation she moved to Denver to take a job in the hospitality industry. Today she says it’s the best thing she’s ever done. In addition, a few months ago Erica joined the Colorado Air National Guard.

Andrea Platten – 24, Burbank
Andrea and I also met in PRSSA where she quickly became UW-Milwaukee’s PRSSA Chapter President. After graduation Andrea earned a position as a Page for NBC Universal in Burbank. Today she is working as a Production Coordinator for Bravo. Whenever I speak with Andrea she talks about how much she loves the west coast and is grateful that she was brave enough to move.

Do you have a success story to share?


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